The building loan and what really matters with the right financing? How to get a building loan that is sustainable and secure? Here you can get all the information you need about financing with a building loan. Simple and easy to understand. As a free service, we offer various tools for download. So organizing and evaluating your financing with a building loan is a walk. Before you can start with your building loan, there are a few questions to answer about your building loan.

Building loan and the amount of your financial opportunities?

Building loan and the amount of your financial opportunities?

Before you start looking for a suitable property, you should first clarify which financial framework is suitable for your building loan. How do you determine a budget for your building loan? More information about the construction loan budget…


How to correctly compare building loan interest?

Do you think that one can simply compare building rates? Unfortunately, this is a common misconception! Because, not the mortgage lender with the cheapest interest is also the cheapest. But how do you find the cheapest building loan? Answers to Compare building loan interest rates.


What are the options for a building loan?

How to correctly compare building loan interest?

There are a number of ways to get a building loan. But not everyone is suitable for everyone. Every building loan has advantages and disadvantages. But what does which construction loan do? Which financing is right for you?
About building loan financing types.


Attention: follow-up financing for your building loan?

A wrong follow-up financing gives borrowers away more than USD 3 billion per year. What needs to be considered in connection financing for your building loan and how to find the right bank?
Everything for follow-up financing.


What does which construction loan do?

A comparison with a classic building loan and our premium building loan quickly makes it clear what it is about. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each financing model?
Which construction loan does what?


How do you involve the state with Bau-Maxbuild in their building loan?

Bau-Maxbuild replaces the homeowner allowance. Since 2008 there has been an option Everything to build – Maxbuild
Construction – Maxbuild to use to finance construction loans. Read all the advantages and how this works.


Our building loan tips

building loan tips

We put an end to myths and legends about building loans. Our tips for your building loan are “gold value”. This saves you a lot of walking and you know what is important. What should you watch out for with a building loan? Read our building loan tips.


Current building rates

What are the current building rates? With us you can download the current building rates free of charge every month. This gives you a quick overview of how high or low the building rates are currently in Germany.

Download the building loan interest here.

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