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Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication Full Context - An International Objectivist Publication

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Full Context has become the leading "underground" Objectivist monthly. It has become well known for its personal orientation, conversational tone, fresh, provocative articles, and spirited discussions.

If you are tired of "Objectivist re-hash,"
then Full Context is for you.

We cover a broad spectrum of topics — from logic to law, from sex to art. We also include pieces written in a variety of styles, from informal commentaries and personal reflections to more advanced, analytical pieces. We try to keep a wide focus, and to have something for everyone. It's occasionally controversial, but always contains at least a dozen pages of great reading for active, free-thinking, independent minds who enjoy "discovering" rational people, new ideas, and new perspectives on the familiar. If you are tired of "Objectivist re-hash," then Full Context is for you.

Full Context is the place where freethinking, independent-minded writers wrestle with the implications of Objectivism. We welcome dissent—we encourage the articulation of daring positions. Since we are editorially committed to the pursuit of truth above all other values, we do not view ourselves as defenders of the orthodoxy, but as facilitators of intellectual discovery.

As a new reader to Full Context, you will enjoy the lively articles, commentaries, and letters from other readers that are regularly published. But what Full Context readers tell us they enjoy the most are our interviews—with Objectivist movement personalities, with free-market thinkers and with productive, outspoken, voices of reason.

Where can you learn the most about the people behind the recent explosion of interest in Objectivist thought, and behind the Renaissance of free-market activism surrounding it? Not in Reason, not in Liberty, but in Full Context. We regularly feature revealing, personal interviews with many of the leading personalities in the Objectivist and free-market movements—from the academics to the artists, to the political pundits. Full Context is the only place where you will read people relating how they discovered Objectivism, how they struggled to apply the philosophy, and how it enriched their lives as they ultimately embraced it or how they came to find fault with it. You will read frank discussions about the "old days" of Objectivism in the 1960s and opinions about the prospects for Objectivism in the future. You will also read about these people as people—as ordinary human beings with family, hobbies, and favorite stories.

As a Full Context subscriber, you benefit by having a front-row seat to the intellectual history of Objectivism in the making.


Full Context’s historical project is fundamental to its editorial identity. Full Context began publishing in October 1988, during the midst of the split between the two leading Objectivist intellectuals, Drs. David Kelley and Leonard Peikoff. The split brought to the surface some long-standing and fundamental disagreements regarding the interpretation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and effectively divided the adherents of the philosophy into two roughly equally sized camps. The emergence of the "Cold War" between the two sides is chronicled in the back issues of Full Context. Essayists traded both critiques and barbs as they developed their responses to the central documents of the rift (Kelley’s "A Question of Sanction" and Truth and Toleration, and Peikoff’s "Fact and Value").

From its earliest days, Full Context’s pages have been filled with controversial thought and opinion, befitting an open forum for the discussion of ideas. It will continue to document the history of Objectivism as it unfolds, through the eyes of the movement’s leading intellectuals, activists, writers and artists, and through the conversations among subscribers and editorial contributors. By reading about the ideas, lives and struggles of others that have been influenced by Ayn Rand, Full Context aims to enlighten, entertain, and inspire. As a Full Context subscriber, you benefit by having a front-row seat to the intellectual history of Objectivism in the making.

 Our world-famous interviews


If you have never read Full Context, you have missed literally dozens of great interviews with the leaders of the Objectivist movement, with prominent pro-capitalist theorists and free-market activists. Fortunately, back issues of any previous issue can still be ordered, so you can catch up on what you have missed.

 In September and October 1996, for example, we interviewed Nathaniel Branden, who has put on record some of his most candid comments ever about his years with Ayn Rand. You will read why he is back from his 28-year vacation from Objectivism, and read his revealing personal and philosophical confessions. According to Branden, his interview with us was "the best interview he has ever done."

Full Context’s editor, Karen Reedstrom, has interviewed journalists Roger Donway and Robert J. Bidinotto, philanthropists Ed Snider and Victor Niederhoffer and economists Walter Williams, Larry Sechrest and Hans Sennholz. We have featured interviews with authors Barbara Branden and Joan Kennedy Taylor, as well as with artist Joan Blumenthal and psychologist Ken Livingston. We have discussed education with Marva Collins, philosophy with Fred Miller, James Lennox and George Walsh, and discussed literature with Kirsti Minsaas and Stephen Cox. We have learned about racial issues from Anne Wortham and Roy Innis, and about politics from Richard Ebeling, Tibor Machan and Ed Hudgins. We’ve talked science with Petr Beckmann and Peter Duesberg and foreign policy with E. G. Ross, Jack Wheeler and Viktor Belenko. Altogether, we have interviewed over 40 Objectivist-movement men and women, and over a dozen more who are sympathetic with the spirit of Rand’s philosophy — to the values of reason, freedom and personal integrity.

These are the kinds of people who are teaching in our universities, working for think-tanks, lecturing, editing and writing books and articles, and contributing to the momentum started by Ayn Rand—a momentum carrying us toward a better future. These are the kinds of people whose wisdom you will want to hear, and whose lives you will want to learn about.

Full Context has been giving its readers this "insider’s" perspective on the Objectivist movement regularly for nine years. Many Objectivist periodicals have come and gone, and few have ever managed to publish regularly. Full Context, on the other hand, has put out ten issues per year (we do not publish during July or August) without ever missing a deadline. How many other other Objectivist-oriented publications have managed to put out issues on a regular basis, on time, for as long as we have?

The battle for a free society is one that will be long and intellectually taxing. We all face ever-higher taxes, burdensome regulation, courts that fail to punish the guilty, an art establishment that peddles trash, and hostility to the values of science, reason and wealth. Yet at the same time, the growing interest in, and general knowledge about Ayn Rand and about free-market ideas gives us hope for the future.

We could tell you that if you don’t get Full Context, you are missing out on a monthly source of entertainment, inspiration, intellectual invigoration, and a sense of spiritual community. And you could, of course, just take our word for it. But we thought we would let some of our readers speak for themselves about us ...

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