Linda Tania

interviewed in
April 1993

  Linda Tania Abrams earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, magna cum laude, a Phi Beta Kappa key, and a Juris Doctor (law degree) from UCLA. As an attorney in private practice she specialized in constitutional and administrative litigation for about a dozen years. In 1987 she founded, and now directs, Past Times With Good Company, a "living history" performance troupe which makes the people of various historical periods and cultures "come alive." They are unique among American groups in having been invited to perform and teach British historical re-creation authenticity in Britain.

Recently, Ms. Abrams has been performing dramatic readings of the verses of Berton Braley, a popular pre-WWII American poet. She edited Virtues in Verse (shown at left), an anthology of verses that glorify the spirit of American industrialism at its peak. (Atlantean Press, 1993).


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