interviewed in
January 1992

John Hill is a screenwriter of 20 years and over 40 full length screenplays. He is from Kansas City where he went to the University of Kansas, and studied journalism. Before moving to Los Angeles and writing screenplays, he was an advertising copywriter for a number of ad agencies. This background, and the fact that his father was a salesman, may have contributed to why he is unlike some screenwriters in Hollywood who are confused about whether they're artists or whether they're serving commerce. His screen credits include "Little Nikita" with Sidney Poitier, "Heart Beeps" with Andy Kauffman and Bernadette Peters, and "Quigley Down Under" about an American cowboy in Australia starring Tom Selleck. He recently won an Emmy as a writer-producer for the 1990 - 1991 season of L.A. Law. In 1987 he was hired to write a screenplay for a feature film version of Atlas Shrugged.


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