interviewed in
May 1995

Daniel Jencka was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1956 and graduated from Oakland University with a major in philosophy and a minor in music performance and composition. He began concertizing in metro Detroit and Ontario both as a harpsichord soloist and in chamber ensembles during the '80s, and has since performed in other states. He briefly attended graduate school in the Philosophy Department at Indiana University, in Bloomington, where he was also an assistant instructor. He has been continuously engaged in businesses of different kinds. He married his wife Prudence in 1993. She has been a researcher in experimental nuclear physics, is a science fiction writer, musician, and Daniel's partner in Specular Press, their publishing company. Daniel and Prudence had a baby boy last January, and have two other children 7 and 9 years old. They now live in Atlanta, Georgia but are planning to relocate to the Gulf Coast of Florida later this year.


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