Lawrence PARKS

interviewed in
October 1995


Dr. Lawrence Parks is the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME). He has broad experience in academia, in business, and in finance. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Polytechnic University where for many years he was an adjunct professor teaching at the graduate level.

Formerly with IBM, Dr. Parks founded and built a successful data processing business before co-founding Computer Science Capital (CSC), a venture capital firm, in 1985. He is President of Systematic Asset Management Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisor, and of Productivity Software International, Inc., a CSC portfolio company.

Dr. Parks has studied economics for more than twenty years. His writings have appeared in Pensions & Investments, The Economist, The Freeman, The United States Congressional Record, and many popular publications. He is an active member of many civic and social organizations, and he is a frequent speaker on economic issues.

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