Interviewed in
April 1995


  David S. Ross earned his B.A. in Mathematics at Columbia and his M.S. and Ph.D. at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist for Eastman Kodak Research Labs in their Applied Mathematics and Statistics Group. He has had numerous articles published in technical journals, and has recently given talks on "The Cognitive Basis of Arithmetic" and "Rationality, Measurement and Continua" at the Institute for Objectivist Studies Summer Seminars.

"I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and I had a simple and very pleasant childhood. I went to New York City public schools and to college at Columbia. I went to graduate school at New York University. I was never especially a mathematics fan when I was a kid. I liked all the subjects. I was good at math but I didn't especially excel in it over other subjects. When I got to college I still loved everything, but I had to choose a major so I chose math on the basis that it would best prepare me to study anything else that I wanted. I thought it would sharpen my thinking more than any other subject would. Then, as I took the advanced courses that the major required, I just loved the beauty and the deep, complex structure, and the usefulness of the subject, so I stuck with it."

- From Full Context's interview with David Ross.

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