Interviewed in October 1993

  Joan Kennedy Taylor has written and spoken on feminist issues since the early 1970's. She has also directed book programs for the Manhattan Institute and the Foundation for Economic Education; was an editor for The Libertarian Review and The Freeman; and for ten years was a commentator for the Cato Institute's syndicated radio program, "Byline." Earlier, she was the founder and editor of Persuasion from 1964 to 1968. At present she is the National Coordinator of the Association of Libertarian Feminists and a member of the board of directors of Feminists for Free Expression.

Her most recent book is Reclaiming the Mainstream: Individualist Feminism Rediscovered, published in 1992 by Prometheus Books. She was the editor of Free Trade: The Necessary Foundation for World Peace, and the co-author with Lee M. Shulman of When to See a Psychologist. Besides writing articles for publications that include The Wall Street Journal, Success, The Washington Times, and Reason, the Hoover Institution has just brought out her pamphlet, "Women's Issues: Feminism, Classical Liberalism, and the Future," in its Essays in Public Policy series and she has contributed to a number of books: Equal Opportunities: a Feminist Fallacy (London, 1992), Beyond the Status Quo: Policy Proposals for America, and Freedom, Feminism, and the State, as well as several textbooks.

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