Interviewed in October 1990

Louis Torres is the co-editor and publisher of Aristos, a journal on the arts which he founded in 1982. He is also the chairman of The Aristos Foundation, which he co-founded in 1987 with Michelle Marder Kamhi (now Aristos co-editor, as well as his wife)--to undertake publication of the journal, and related projects, on a nonprofit basis. Prior to Aristos, he taught English and 
arts appreciation in public and private high schools for sixteen years. A graduate of Rutgers University, with a major in Psychology, he earned an M.A. in the Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University. He has had a strong interest in the philosophy of Objectivism since the early 1960's, when he began attending lectures at the Nathaniel Branden Institute in New York. In addition, he has pursued studies in music, art history, esthetics, and other aspects of the fine and performing arts. His professional affiliations include the American Society for Aesthetics, the American Philosophical Association, the Ayn Rand Society, the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, and the Association for Art History. 

He and Kamhi are currently completing What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand, the first book-length study on Rand's esthetic theory, to be published by Open Court in June 1998. A much-expanded version of a monograph serialized in Aristos in 1991-1992, it will analyze, in part, why this aspect of Rand's philosophy has received virtually no prior scholarly attention, and will offer the first in-depth application of her theory to a critique of modernism and postmodernism in the arts.

Aristos maintains a web site at http://www.aristos.org

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