If the debt has not been paid for 2 years, the bank sells the contract and the debts arising from the contract to an asset management company. After this sale, the institution authorized for the debt of the consumer becomes the Asset Management Company.

Asset management companies, like banks, are strictly audited by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and their activities are closely examined. In this context, asset management companies try to collect debts within legal limits.

It is precisely at this point that the consumer has the question of whether there is a deficit related to timeout, but it is useful to state the last thing to be said that asset management companies, like banks, have a 10-year expiry period and even a small transaction in the file. It ensures that it is more than 10 years.

What Does Asset Management Companies Do?

What Does Asset Management Companies Do?

It would not be wrong to define asset management companies as a complementary operating institution of banks. In this context, thanks to asset management companies, the costs of the service that the bank needs to produce regarding uncollected debts are reduced, and a better balance sheet is created by purchasing the debts.

Asset management companies make proposals to purchase debts that banks cannot collect for 2 years and, if the proposal is answered positively, purchases the debt from the bank.

After the acquisition transaction, it communicates with the consumer for debt collection, and after this point, the consumer does not have any debt relationship with the bank, the institution to be negotiated for the debt is the asset management company.

What I Need To Know My Debt Was Transferred To The Asset Management

What I Need To Know My Debt Was Transferred To The Asset Management

There are some details that people whose debt has been transferred to the asset management company should know. Thanks to these details, unimaginably low payments can be made and the debt burden can disappear in a very short time.

Asset management companies pay very low amounts to banks to purchase debts. This payment is roughly 15-30% of the amount of debt, and therefore it will be profitable to collect more than 20% -30% of the principal debt from the consumer.

Therefore, serious negotiations can be made with asset management companies. It is useful to be consistent about bargaining and to try to reach a level where the company can be profitable. This is usually shaped after receiving a loan offer from the company, but it may be helpful to offer 35% to 40% of the current loan or to set a personal strategy.

The contract should be requested in order not to be defrauded


It is useful to go through it over and over again, because of the people who say that he is calling from the asset management company, often victims are encountered. Therefore, instead of talking about bargaining or debt in the first call, only the contract should be requested.

You can choose not to take any action until the debt contract reaches you, or by contacting the bank, you can confirm whether the debt is actually transferred to the asset management company.

On the other hand, it is also possible to know the names of the 12 asset management companies that are operating and to confirm the call of the asset management company after the call has ended. Asset management companies operating:

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