Quick personal loans and credits have been increasing in popularity. Despite their interests and the short repayment periods associated, especially in the case of mini-loans, the ease with which they are accessed and the speed with which money can be obtained, among other advantages, have become a recurring product.

The need for money is common in the day to day

The need for money is common in the day to day

Their ability to save is very brief to have a small financial cushion with which to face unforeseen investments and expenses.

In the middle of last year, for example, household savings had been placed at minimum levels. Specifically, the rate stood at 5% between January and March 2018, just one tenth above the historical low that had been reached in December 2017. It is true that household incomes increased by 14 billion USD. That year, 2017, but so did consumption, at 25 billion. Hence the minimum savings rate, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The meager income that many Spanish families have means that they live practically daily, that is, that they reach the end of the month with no balance in their accounts and, therefore, cannot save, or can save very little. Anything that comes a time of spending, such as summer vacation, Christmas or back to school, need extra money. And asking for a quick loan, or resorting to any similar financial product, has become an option.

Fast credit online

Fast credit online

Quick loans work similarly to traditional banking lines of credit. The online financial companies that offer it propose different amounts, which can range from 500 to 5000 USD, and repayment terms from 3 to 24 months, usually.

Each operator sets their own conditions, so it is advisable to read the terms before hiring one or the other, but the operation is similar. They propose to the client to use the simulator to choose the amount to pay and the minimum monthly fee, and request the credit through an online process that they assure is fast and comfortable. In this way, cheap and fast loans are sold by hype, by the process itself and by promotions such as those of new clients, which allow you to enjoy a first loan without interest. It is something common to the three products we are talking about.

Once requested and approved, quick credit can be used and returned at any time, accessing a partial or total amount. Each financial institution establishes a minimum monthly payment for having that amount available, in addition to the interest applied to the amounts that are available.

In short, it makes available to the client an amount of money, up to a limit, so that the client can use it as they wish, and return it month by month with the interest associated with its use.

Quick Mini Loans

Quick Mini Loans

Even easier is the operation of online quick mini-loans. In this case, the client has an amount of money, which is paid at once, and which must be returned within a short period of time. It works as an advance: you need it to meet some expense that with your usual source of income you can not assume, but will return it as soon as you have liquidity again.

The mini-loans are usually low amounts, between 300 and 600 USD, and it is common for the first clients to only be able to access a limit amount that will increase once they have returned it without problems, if they need to resort to another. The return terms can range from seven to 30 days.

There are financiers, however, who go so far as to offer 800 to return in 60 days or more, fulfilling a series of requirements.

Quick and easy loans

Quick and easy loans

When we talk about fast loans online, we are talking about installment loans that carry higher amounts than in the case of mini-loans, and also longer repayment terms and installments. Thus, we are talking about amounts that can range between 500 and 2,000 USD or more (up to 5,000), and between 3 and 24 months of return.

Products are further diversified according to customer needs. We have to speak at this point of the online comparators, which propose different options to filter results, and make a more accurate search, which fits what the client is looking for. Precisely therein lies one of its main profits, which explains why they have grown along with fast loans and credits.

So, when it comes to fast money, this is the most sought after:

Quick mini loans with Financial Credit Institutions. There are financiers who lend to those who appear in delinquent files such as Financial Credit Institutions. However, the proposals they send to the client may not correspond to their initial request, to which quite high interests can be added.

Fast personal loans without paperwork. Good Lender offer installment loans without paperwork. It is not that they do not check the identity of the customer and other relevant information such as credit history and debts, but they use other ways to do it. One of the best known platforms is Instantor.

Fast online loans without interest. A regular promotion for new customers. They do not pay interest on the first loan, which normally must be less than the old clients. 

Quick loans without payroll. Online financiers request a regular source of income, but not all of them specifically require a payroll, they can treat you as another. They do, for example, dispon and Wonga.

Quick loans without payroll or endorsement. In addition to the above, there is no requirement for a guarantee, physical or property.

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